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Cristiana Sandor Setho
Cristiana Sandor    

Chief Executive Officer
Stetho Health Systems Limited Company

Dear All,

Women around the world have been trying to balance life, work, family, and careers. On top of all these juggling acts, women also have to deal with menstruation and hormonal change every month. Discomfort occurs with these changes every month, so it can be difficult to manage all simultaneously. Stetho Health Systems Limited was created to help solve similar and more conflicting issues in people’s lives and also improve the lives of consumers around the globe by producing innovative, science-backed, sustainable and fresh products lines.

At Stetho Health Systems Limited Company, we have been engaged in the research of new organic ingredients and botanical elixirs such Hemp-seed oil (Cannabis Sativa L.) for the past years and the results have been outstanding. The significance of Hemp-seed testing in laboratory have shown us that the essential oil in product form is the key to solving some of the health & hygiene issues women and girls around the globe are facing. The discovered anti-inflammatory, anti-thrombotic, anti-oxidant and anti-microbial (bacteria) properties of this essential botanical elixir are much needed to combat the pain, discomfort, irritation, rashes and malodours associated with menstruation, further to help so many young girls and women around the globe from developing infections while menstruating.

Cristiana Sandor CEO of Setho

Every woman has an important part to play in the daily lives of family, friends, coworkers and menstruation is part of being a woman. With Allay : Women Health & Hygiene, we are dedicated to solve the existing issue that women everywhere face with innovative and fresh products for Menstrual Health & Hygiene. From UTI’s, RTI’s, and even morbidity, young girls, women in different parts of the world need to be educated on how to take care of their personal health & hygiene. The importance of our brands having this impact is crucial, to be able to save lives and extend relief as well.

With Allay: Women Health & Hygiene, we are also concentrating on areas where there is limited access to health & hygiene, awareness and menstruation products for women to drastically change their outcome. Better Menstrual Health & Hygiene has been linked to a form of Women empowerment where with sufficient infrastructure, good-quality menstruation products, better privacy and awareness, young girls and women can go to school, work, have careers, be amazing superwomen, without the worry of halt menstruation can bring to their lives.

At Stetho Health Systems Limited Company, our products are made uniquely for girls, women & men. People using our products are as diverse as our world, and the more we reflect on them, the better we can understand their needs. Our focus is to bring unique value with our brands to people’s lives. Our efforts include breaking the old-age stereotypes about gender expectations, helping in shaping a better future for girls & women, producing sustainable products and packaging, using fresh, transparent and toxin free ingredient & products because every individual deserves to live life to the fullest, be the best, give their best and most of all love life. Through our company efforts and brand impact, we strive to make every day better for people living in the communities we operate in.

Cristiana Sandor - Boise, ID - United States
CEO - Stetho Health Systems Limited Company