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Disposable Hygiene articles

Patent File: USPTO/PCT/63107899
Infused with Micro-encapsulated Hemp Seed Oil molecules.

Through a scientific process called microencapsulation, Hemp Seed Oil Molecules are strategically infused into luxe, ultra-soft top layer of our sanitary pads by wrapping microscopic droplets of zero-THC, hemp-derived seed oil with a protective compostable coating.

Using our innovative fabric finishing treatment, the microcapsules bond to the fibers in the fabric. Strategically placed within the layer to align with muscle groups, the microcapsules gradually open over time as each layer meets with friction from your intimate skin and are also triggered by pH fluctuations in your intimate area. When the individual capsules break open, the essential Hemp seed oil is released and trans-dermally absorbed, where it interacts with your body's endocannabinoid system (ECS) to help regulate and reduce pain, inflammation and malodour caused by periods.

Organic Hemp Seed Oil as a core ingredient

Hemp is one of the oldest and most versatile crops. Human uses of hemp go back at least 6000 years during which time it has been used for manufacturing fiber, paper, rope, and oil. Hemp (Cannabis sativa L) is a source of nutritious seeds that have been used as human food for thousands of years. The seeds contain non-medicinal levels (<0.3%) of the psychoactive compound called 8,9-tetrahydrocannabinol(THC), and, therefore, are different from medicinal marijuana.

Out of nutritional and health benefits of Hemp (Cannabis sativa L) seed oil, its fatty acid composition is most notable, with oil content ranging from 25-35%, hemp seed additionally contains approximately 20-30% carbohydrates, 20-25% protein, 10-15% fiber, along with enormity of trace minerals.

Another important component found in the essential seed oil of Hemp (Cannabis sativa L) is Alpha- Tocopherol or commonly known as Vitamin E (Specifically Vitamin E307).