What is Vaginal pH?

Food Cravings and Appetites

A premenstrual symptom some, if not most, menstruating women experience is cravings or increased appetite. Before a woman begins her period, she will experience a drop in her serotonin levels. When these levels drop is when a woman will have cravings for carbs. Our bodies use carbs to produce serotonin, which is why menstruating women crave foods high in carbs and fat.

What is Vaginal pH?

How fathers can support their daughters during Menstruation

Fathers play an important role in their daughter’s lives just as much as mothers do. It is important for dads to know about menstruation and to be educated on what happens to a woman’s body when she is on her cycle. Yes, they may have an idea on what tampons and pads are, but do they understand why women menstruate? When it comes to having a conversation with your daughter about menstruation it may feel awkward or uncomfortable but when your daughter knows that you support her during a rough time, she will feel less vulnerable about menstruation and comfortable enough to speak to you when the time occurs.

What is Vaginal pH?

AVA Feminine Wipes

Feminine wipes can be used for everyday use and help females feel refreshed whenever and wherever they need them. Feminine wipes can be used after the gym, during your period, after sex, or just when you want a little extra freshness. They are quick to use and allow women to feel cleansed without having to take a shower.

What is Vaginal pH?

Air Pollution

Roughly 7 million people worldwide die each year from air pollution. The World Health Organization defines air pollution as “contamination of the indoor or outdoor environment by any chemical, physical or biological agent that modifies natural characteristics of the atmosphere.” Air pollution is linked to respiratory, and other diseases and it can be the cause of morbidity and mortality. Pollutants such as particulate matter, carbon monoxide, ozone, and nitrogen dioxide have the strongest evidence for public health concerns. Though a high majority of the world’s population breathes polluted air those in low- and middle-income countries have the highest exposure.

What is Vaginal pH?

Hormonal Acne

Have you ever thought to yourself “Why do I always get the worst acne before my period?” If you have you are not alone. 65 percent of women have reported having premenstrual acne flare ups. Acne breakouts often appear a week before your period and tends to clear up after your period.

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